Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sorry doesn't cut it.. but... I'm sorry?

Hi there internet dwellers


I SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN!! DIDN'T I!! I said that I wouldn't update. That I would forget or something like that, BUT IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!! My laptop was being a little shit, so I had to take it to the computer doctors (This at my school is called 'M8'. They are as much help as a dead person). So I was without a computer for a MONTH! A MONTH!! So I'm really sorry for this being so late. 

So, I've spent my life doing some pretty interesting things... Let me list them

  • I had exams. Not that great, like, just look at my timetable. My timetable was CRAP! LOOK!

    PE studies Theory - PM

    Math - PM

    Chem - AM
    Drama - PM

    Human Biol - AM

    English - PM

    PE studies Prac - PM

    I was rushing all my study, but at least they are done now. Plus I got my results back, and I didn't fail any of them! I still don't like exams
  • I went to Fremantle with my 3 friends. By friends, I mean the people who go to my school and seem to put up with me and my overly sarcastic point of view. But the trip to Freo was fun. We went to Target and investigated the toy section, (where the One Direction key chains and Monsters Inc. plush toys were) and the boys section (THERE WAS SUPERHERO MASKS!!). We also found a giant chess set in the middle of the main square, so you can guess what we did. If you guessed tried to play a game of chess in front of the population of Fremantle with no experience... Then you guessed correct. We got lunch, played on the playgrounds with fellow children, instead of questioning why there was a Ferris wheel next to the playground we went on it, and then saw a movie. 'The Internship'. (OMG DYLAN O'BRIAN!!!! *weird non-human noises*) I REALLY recommend seeing 'The Internship'. We then went home to play Just Dance 4 at my house. I give that day a 10/10.
  • Rowing Regatta 2# - We rowed in a race. I was in the First 8 (SCARY!) and we came last, but it was cool to be in that crew, even if it was only one race. The commentator had a hot voice, and my friend told me that that means he has to be hot. So we went to check. You see, normally the commentators are 50 to 60 year old guys who just sit there and say who won the race. This guy, he was early 20s, in uni and HOT! like OMFG HE WAS HOT! He made the funniest comments and was just one of the best commentator we have ever had at a regatta.
  • River Cruise with Da Boyfriend ;) 
  • Rowing Regatta 3# - more races. I was back in the second 8. We came last by like a boat length! so close to not being last. And the hot commentator was there again. 
  • School 
  • MY BIRTHDAY! Yeah, that was fun. I had the theme 'Disney' and everyone had great costumes and everything. The photos I have from that night... some scare me. 
  • Holidays
  • Rowing Camp. For those who don't know what this is. It is just 3 days of pain. You get up at 6am. You row, run, and eat for the whole day to do it all again the next day. It's not a fun experience, but if you row, you go.
  • Term 3 just started. (YAY school...)
  • I have come to realize.. I don't like chemistry... or english... or PE Studies... Mostly PE studies because it has the word 'Studies' in it. It's like they expect us to study. 
  • Rowing Regatta 4# was cancelled. excuse me for the next few lines..
    *cough* sorry about that. But we were way too happy for it to be canceled thanks to the crap weather we were having. (Thank you mother nature)
Thats pretty much it. 

Stuff to come within the next few weeks:
  • Break up with the boyfriend. (Trust me its for the best. But yeah, I'm not sure how to do it. It's too hard, but my relationship is a friend relationship that we are pushing to become something more, it just isn't working. My friends have told me to get out of it before I hurt him.)
  • Head of River.
  • More School. Great 
But yeah, life.

Tata for now internet dwellers

Love always,


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