Saturday, 17 August 2013

Who likes hospitals?

Hi there internet dwellers

So.. I don't know about you, but I believe that hospitals are one of the most boring places on earth.

Why was I there you might ask.

Well, I collapsed before school.

I don't remember a thing between getting out of my mum's car and seeing the doctor. So everything you read is a mix and match of the stories I have been told and my short term memory.

Apparently, when I got to my locker (on the third floor, at the end of the corridor), my friend came over to say hello and I just feel into her arms. Next thing I know I'm in the chaplain's office sleeping on her couch. I woke up to the sound of the bell. My friend was still sitting next to me. I told her to go to class. I don't remember what she did.

The Chaplain and some other people moved me to the health centre, where the nurse force-feed me some toast and made me drink a cup of green tea. According to my mum, the nurse said I ate/drank all of the food/drink offered to me. I must have been out of it, because I HATE toast and tea. After that, I fainted again. I was unconscious from 9am til who knows when.

Around 10am, my Mother convinced the school to call and ambulance. When they got there, it took the nurse and my mum 10 minutes to wake me up.

Somehow I made it into the ambulance. I remember playing with the oxygen mask and having several needles and tubes placed in me to take out blood for tests and replace the removed blood with fluid that I was lacking. 

This is where I black out again. I woke up and I was at the hospital. I had had a CT scan on my head and was just siting in a hospital bed waiting for a doctor to tell me that I was to go home or that I was going to have to stay overnight. 

My friends mum works at the hospital that I was taken to, so she brought me and my mum some lunch (since it was now 12pm). Well, she brought us a sandwich and some orange juice. I wasn't allowed to eat when she left, and when she got back they said I could. But there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to eat that CRAP they call food. It looked like something you would feed a dog.

It was nearly 7pm and there was still no sign of a doctor. I was dropping in and out of consciousness  so i have no memory of what happened for those 7 hours. A nurse came to see us around 7:15pm saying that the doctor would be there within the next 15 minutes. Mum and my friends mum tried to keep me awake to see the doctor so that we could get out of there, or get a private room. About 10 minutes later, over the P.A, the doctor, the doctor that was meant to be examining me in 5 minutes was called for an emergency surgery. The nurse came back telling us it would be another 30 minutes before the doctor would be able to see us.

Sure enough, at 8pm, 30 minutes later, the doctor walked over to my bed. I was so tired, trying to stay awake and doing the exercises he was telling me to do became the hardest things to do. Also, it was hard to pay attention since he was HOT! Like OMFG! Congrats on your face, HOT! (His name was Oliver. (He answered a phone call and said "Oliver speaking")) 

At 8:30pm he walked away, to make notes and talk to the main doctor. (THE ALL KNOWING ORACLE OF KNOWLEDGE and shit) When he came back he told us it was all psychological, all to do with my brain. The most probable cause being stress and anxiety. Other factors that could have cause my collapsing and dropping in and out of consciousness. could have been my unhealthy sleep pattern (I dont sleep), or my severe headaches.   

So, I was living on half a sandwich, and dropping in and out of consciousness, I didn't get to see a doctor until 8pm, to be assessed for 2 hours to then was told that it was probably stress. 

But on the up side, I missed a day of school. And my doctor was HOT 

(I swear there is no such thing as an ugly Oliver!)

Tata for now my lovelies 

Love always,


Thursday, 1 August 2013

quick qeustion!

Hi there internet dwellers

How would you guys like it if I posted some short stories? I would love to share what small talent I have with you guys on the internet. 

Also, if you like this, let me know. I don't know if anyone is reading this but I like it anyway. I was thinking about vlogging. But I know no one would watch it, so I'm just gonna stick  with this.

UPDATE: I'm now single. I broke up with my boyfriend and he didn't take it that bad. It was kind of mutual I guess. So yeah :D

Tata for now my lovelies 

Love always,